First home, first garden

our little garden with hideous shed

our little garden with hideous shed

This is our first proper, non-rental home, in wonderful Thornbury, Melbourne. It has a long, skinny backyard (north-facing) with a hideously enormous asbestos shed, which will be disappearing soon. The plan is to knock down the shed and build a music studio for Michael, keep a little bit of lawn and install some raised veggie beds.

When we moved in, the garden was already reasonably well established, with:

– a glorious gnarled magnolia

-a very sick kaffir lime (which died despite my best efforts)

-a rosemary bush

-some wildish flatleaf parsley

-an enormous tangle of vietnamese mint

-a weedy grove of mint

-four hardy chili bushes, one of which produces chilis so hot they are inedible

-some straggly tomatoes which actually produced pretty well last summer

-two pretty camellias (one pink, one white)

-a lillypilly in the front yard

-a compost bin

-a young liquidambar

-two other young, ugly straggly trees planted in stupid locations

-some weeds growing in an old wheelbarrow

The straggly trees and the liquidambar will be removed – the liquidambar is gorgeous at this time of year, but it’s too close to the house and those things get ENORMOUS. The Hills Hoist is going to have to go too, much as I love it. It’s way too big for this little garden.

Since moving in nearly a year ago, we’ve planted a new kaffir lime, along with a tahitian lime and a Eureka lemon. I’ve planted the wheelbarrow with herbs and spring onions, and have created a raspberry and garlic patch. I’ve added wisteria to our patio, and am growing rhubarb, strawberries, lettuce, roquette, bay, aloevera and blueberries in pots. There’s also some unkillable silverbeet in the back corner.We’ve just submitted our studio plans to council, so fingers crossed that our makeover project is approved!


2 thoughts on “First home, first garden

  1. Wow – looks like a nice plot! Sounds like you’ve got some great plans and it will be awesome to hear how it all goes. I also got rid of the hills hoist – waste of space! The small fold-able hangers work just as well and if its a nice day I take them outside. I’ve never missed my HH, but do feel slightly un-Australian without it…

  2. How exciting to start with basically a clean slate! I look forward to checking out what you do with it.

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