Replacing trees



I feel so guilty cutting down trees.

But there are three trees in our backyard that just have to go, because they’re in the wrong spot, they’ll grow too big, and they’re just plain ugly. My friend Esther said to me recently that she doesn’t want anything in her garden that isn’t either useful or beautiful, and I’m adopting this as my mantra. Our yard is so tiny (it’ll be 90m2 once the studio is built) that I can’t afford to have light and space taken up by something that we can’t eat or at least enjoy looking at.

So I’ve made myself a deal. For every tree we cut down, I’ll plant a new one.

So far we have cut down one of the straggly useless trees, and planted two citruses. Soon the other two will go, and I have plans to replace them with an apricot, and a potted Wurtz avocado.

This weekend I impulse-bought a pomegranate. While pomegranate isn’t the most useful of trees (I mean, we don’t eat pomegranates as much as we eat, say apples), it’s very pretty. And our front yard doesn’t get much sun. A house two doors down has a fruiting pomegranate in the same position, so I know for sure it’ll produce, which I couldn’t guarantee with an apple.

So it’s in the front yard. There was a small drama involving a stormwater drain when digging the hole, but it’s patched up now, the hole is relocated, and the pomegranate is in!


2 thoughts on “Replacing trees

  1. I know that guilty feeling too, Lili. Removing a tree just feels so wrong when I think of all the time and effort I’ve put into nuturing and growing others!

    Best of luck with the pomegranate 😉

  2. My daughter does eat pomegranates as though they’re apples. They have the added advantage of taking much longer to eat thus keeping her out of trouble for longer. So in my world a fruiting pomegranate would be invaluable – I really must plant out the one I bought last year…

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