Laneway garden

photo 2

My newfound obsession with gardening comes from two sources – the first is having a garden for the first time ever. The second is the fact that I’m working on a novel about some guerrilla gardening teens. So today me and my mum went to explore a guerrilla garden in Clifton Hill.

photo 1

It’s hidden down a cobblestone laneway, in some disused land owned by the railway company. Different individuals and families have their own boxes, and there’s a very complicated compost system with multiple bins at varying stages of decomposition.

photo 4

It’s a bit like stumbling upon the Secret Garden – tucked away, hidden and bursting with life. I saw capsicums and eggplant and carrots and onions and pumpkins and about a million kinds of herbs and salad greens.

I’m pretty sure the garden isn’t entirely legal – but it’s very removable if anyone complained because all the gardens are boxed. And it’s making great use of unused space. I love it.

photo 3


2 thoughts on “Laneway garden

  1. That is very cool! A great use of what would otherwise be dead space. How did you hear about it?

    • My mum’s involved with a Climate Action Group in that area, so she showed it to me. They’re popping up all over the place – little community gardens along the train tracks all up the Epping line.

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