Succulent planter

The house came with a bunch of succulents, and I’ve nicked a few tips from other people’s front yards. Succulents are so popular at the moment, as are vertical gardens. I had an old shadow-box in the shed that my grandpa made for me, so I thought I’d give vertical gardening a shot.

photo 1

First I went to Bunnings and bought a roll of gutter wire (I think it was $8), and a small bag of succulent potting mix (about $6). I snipped off lots of succulent tips from the plants growing in the backyard, and drilled some drainage holes in the back of the box.

photo 2

Then I staplegunned the gutter mesh over the top of the box, tucking it under at the sides.

photo 3

Filled it with potting mix, and using a chopstick, started poking in my succulents.

photo 4

Now I leave it for 6 weeks or so so they take root and start to spread. I need a few more for the top. But eventually they will cover up all the wire, and I can hang it somewhere! I’ll post again with an update when it’s looking a bit less straggly.


3 thoughts on “Succulent planter

  1. oh I LOVE this! Have you tried the whole planting moss on the wall thing?

  2. This looks really great. Can’t wait to see a update in a few weeks. 🙂

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