We’re having beautiful cold snap here in Melbourne. Icy nights and glorious sunny crisp days. The lawn is white with frost each morning, and all the branches are bare.


But there’s still stuff going on. New strawberry flowers.

photo 5

Sweet peas starting to climb

photo 4

Limes starting to swell.

photo 3

I’m trying this new method for growing coriander – more like a grass that can be snipped at. I’m not sure it’s right for me – I like to use huge handfuls of the stuff, and this way it grows too slowly.

photo 1

Lettuces looking good.

photo 2

I’m also harvesting huge armfuls of silverbeet. Those plants have been going strong for over a year now! We had it for dinner last night, sauteed with leek, garlic, oregano, lemon and chickpeas. Yum!


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