Waiting and wicking

We’ve been through about three new backyard studio plans this week, as Yarra Valley Water keeps finding new and exciting things to prevent us from building where we want to (currently it’s a manhole on someone else’s property… grr). But I’m keeping my spirits up by planning my eventual veggie garden.

I’ve been reading about wicking worm beds. With our increasingly hot and dry summers, water is going to become one of the most expensive aspects of gardening. A wicking worm bed requires MUCH less water, because there’s almost no evaporation and the drained water is wicked back up into the bed. Some bloggers have reported only needing to fill the reservoir once a fortnight in summer!

It looks like this (with lots of variations depending on your own opinions/preferences):

The ‘pool area’ is filled with a layer of gravel, a layer of shadecloth or some other mesh, then a layer of sand, which helps the water wick back up into the soil.

I love the idea of having the worm farms built in to the raised beds – saves space in our small garden, and time, because you don’t have to transport the castings around – the worms do it for you! It looks a bit more fiddly at the beginning, but I think will definitely pay off in the long term.


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