Eating local


Until our own veggie garden is up and running, we get our fruit and veg via the Ceres Fair Food veggie box program. All the food in our veggie boxes is local, in season and organic. You can pick up your box from a nearby Fair Food Host, or pay a little extra to have it delivered to your door. I love the challenge of coming across something I don’t normally cook with (this winter it’s been parsnips and fennel), and the produce always tastes amazing.

Yesterday when we were walking Dame Maggie, we came across this market garden along the Merri Creek, just a 15 minute walk from our house (and less than 10km from the city). It’s the Harding St Market Garden, and it’s been there since the 1840s. It has a massive 100,000L water tank under the whole plot, that collects water from the rooftops from surrounding townhouses and stores it underground. Sort of like a giant version of a wicking worm bed!

I googled the Harding Street Garden when I got home, and was delighted to discover it’s now managed by Ceres, and is one of the sources of veggies for our veggie box. You can’t get much more local than that.



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