Blueberry Blues

photo 2

I have two blueberry plants. One is an evergreen Sunshine Blue, which is currently very healthy and happy in a pot. The other is a deciduous Denise, that I ordered recently from the Diggers Club. It being winter, it’s really just a stick, and I’m struggling to believe it will ever sprout leaves, let alone berries.

I’ve read that you’re supposed to remove the flowers from blueberries in the first year, to promote strong growth and to increase future harvests. Today I found a beautiful cluster of sweet flowers on the Sunshine Blue.

Could I really do it?

Pinch off those flowers?

Deny myself a summer with blueberries?

No blueberries. Not one. Until next summer.

NEXT summer! That felt impossibly far away.

But I did it. I pinched them off, with a heavy heart.

RIP, potential blueberries. Know that your lives were not sacrificed for naught.

photo 1


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