Seeds, seeds, seeds

Things with the studio are speeding along nicely! I really am hopeful that the garden beds will be in by Cup Day, ready for my seedlings to be transplanted.

Speaking of seedlings…


I am utterly obsessed with watching them. I mist them gently. I try to make sure they get enough air and warmth and moisture. I watch, and wait, for that little green sprout to pop up, and then for those new leaves. Currently I’ve had success with everything except a couple of varieties of capsicum. Maybe it’s still too cold. I should probably prick out the weaker seedlings. But if I could separate them I could have MOAR TOMATOES.


Goodbye, shed!

Today some nice men in protective clothing came and removed our ancient asbestos shed. It feels like our backyard DOUBLED in size. And so much more light!

This morning, 9am:


This afternoon, 5pm:


In the next few days, all the debris and concrete will go too. The studio and veggie patch approach!

Well I took the photo in the garden

As well as amateur gardening, I also enjoy amateur sewing. And as it would be ridiculous to have THREE blogs, I think I will very occasionally put sewing pics on the gardening blog. Quilting is a BIT like gardening. You have to plan, and then you grow something quite big and colourful… some of the fabric has flowers… yeah.

Anyway, I finished this one on the weekend. A zigzag quilt for 2013, to match my zigzag book.

It’s a nice big one – big enough for two people to snuggle under on the couch. Or one person and one dog. Or just one dog. It was very easy to make – came together really quickly. The hardest part was sorting the fabrics by value. And wrestling the stupid thing through my sewing machine to quilt. I think in the future I’ll just send them away to be quilted. There are 138 different prints featured – a pretty comprehensive summary of my fabric stash. The backing is Kona Coal, with just one line of zigzag.

photo 2

photo 1photo

Harvest Monday 2 Sep 2013

This is my first Harvest Monday post!


The neverending silverbeet just keeps going – it’s been producing steadily for over a year now. Volunteer rocket has just sprung up all over the garden and almost as quickly gone to seed. A couple of kaffir limes for a green curry, and some good fiery chilies. Bay leaves for lamb shanks and handfuls of rosemary, mint and parsley. Not bad given our veggie garden isn’t even built yet.

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