photo 1

Studio Update: it is pegged out. Now we are waiting for the concreter. I’m not going to meet my target of having the raised beds in by Cup Day, but hopefully some time in December, so it won’t be too late for a summer crop of tomatoes and capsicums. Fingers crossed!

I’m a bit late planting potatoes, but our summers seem to be dragging on into April these days, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time to make some nice fat tubers. I’m growing in two potato grow bags, using a Diggers combo pack that I’m splitting with my mum. So seven different varieties – Nicola, Pink Fir, Pink Eye, Royal Blue, Low Carb, Dutch Cream and Malin.

I mixed sugarcane mulch, compost and manure, and added rockdust, coffee grinds and potash. Filled the bags about 1/2 way and planted my spuds between 10-20cm deep. Now we wait.

photo 2



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