The slab is laid!! And we have a fence again so Dame Maggie won’t keep escaping to play with next door’s toddler (our neighbours have been so amazingly patient and lovely). Our garden, however, is a disaster, as you can see.


It’ll still be a few weeks before I can put in my raised beds, which might be too late for a decent tomato and pepper harvest. So I have potted up some of my seedlings as a backup. Seven tomatoes, three capsicum and an eggplant. And a zucchini. And a cucumber. I’m putting them in potting mix and chicken manure, topped with potash, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells and rockdust. And mulch. And watered in with seaweed and worm tea. I also rescued the rhubarb from being covered in concrete, and stuck it in a pot for the time being – it actually looks MUCH happier than it did in the ground, which says a lot about the sandy soil in that bit of the backyard.

In other news, the potatoes are looking great, and the stick of a blueberry that I had almost given up on has suddenly sprouted leaves! Hurrah for spring!


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