The steady march of progress

The outside of the studio is all done, save a little painting, and the plasterer is busy on the inside.

Today I dug up a big mound of bricks from along the side fence, and used them to make a little temporary border, to mark out where the fruit trees will go. I’ve been applying liquid claybreaker pretty regularly, and everything does seem less solid. I then went a bit crazy and added rockdust, potash, compost and chook poo, scattered a few packets of green manure mix*, and gave it a good water with worm juice and seaweed. Hopefully the roots of the green manure will help to break up the hard soil. Once that’s grown and been dug in, I’ll dump more compost on to raise the soil level up by 15cm or so before planting the trees.


I’m really pleased with our compost. We have a tumbler, and have been using it for about three months now. It’s lovely and crumbly and smells amazing.

*It’s a summer mix from Green Patch Organic Seeds, containing Mungbean, Sunflower and Millet.