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The studio is finished! Michael is moving in as I write this. We did all the finishing ourselves – painted and installed the bamboo floor. We’re really pleased with it. (for anyone who’s interested, these guys built it for us).

The garden, however, is far from finished. We’re waiting on someone to come and level out the soil and lay a path, then we can start to rehabilitate the lawn, and install the veggie gardens. We missed the summer crops, but all going well I should get everything in time for winter.

The heat hasn’t been good to my potted plants. I spent a few weeks shuffling pots into the shade on super-hot days, and then out into the sun once it cooled down a bit. Sometimes I was too late – I lost a few plants. Nearly lost my apricot tree, but managed to resuscitate it. Nothing’s gotten enough water. However, I have been getting a handful of tomatoes – lots of Green Zebra and Tommy Toe, and the occasional Wapsipinicon Peach. The Ananas Noir are currently ripening.

photo 2


One thought on “Summer

  1. Your studio is so cute. But Maggie is missing from this post.

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