Now the fun begins

photo 3-4

After so much planning and hard work, the garden is finally all in place. The beds are all up and planted. We’ve also added some dwarf trees along the fence – a Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Moorpark apricot and Goldmine nectarine. They’re interplanted with a Jostaberry, rhubarb, nasturtium and a Cape gooseberry I grew from some seed from my mother-in-law’s backyard. I’ve also planted ginger, Vietnamese mint, garden mint and scented geraniums along the front of the studio, in a little bed that gets no direct sun but plenty of light.

The seedlings in the veggie beds are all looking healthy and strong. Lettuce, rocket, radish, carrot, spring onion, coriander, snowpea and broad bean seeds have all sprouted. The early garlic is in. Potatoes are in.

Now I just have to wait to start harvesting!

photo 1-7

But in the meantime there’ve been a few delicious things from the garden to keep me going. One of my two potato bags was a dismal failure, but the other was… okay. I think Melbourne summers are just too hot for potatoes – mine got frizzled several times. I’m going to try growing from early autumn instead. We’ve also had a handful of the most delicious raspberries – I wasn’t expecting any until next season, so it’s a nice surprise.

photo 2-7


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