Holiday potato harvest

My parents have some land down on the Great Ocean Road, where they’re building a very exciting underground house. There’s also a very exciting veggie patch and the beginnings of an orchard. Over the Easter Long Weekend, Mum and I harvested a massive tub of potatoes (about 20kg), then replanted some as well as garlic and broad beans.

photo 1-9

And now I have about eight kilos of potatoes. What to do?

Leek and potato soup (made about six litres and froze most).

photo 3-6

Roast chicken with kipflers and beets.

photo 2-9

Leftover chicken and veg pot pies.

photo 4-3

Bubble and squeak rosti (made enough to freeze)


We had the rosti with salad greens and radishes from the garden, and the radish tops were added to the bubble and squeak.

Still have a pile of kipflers left – I think they’ll become potato salad.

With the exception of the leek and potato soup, all of these were new recipes. I love how gardening makes me a more adventurous cook!


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