8 weeks in

The garden beds went in eight weeks ago. Six weeks ago I posted a photo of each one – here’s a before-and-after update.

photo 1-13 photo 2-13 photo 3-10 photo 4-5


Harvest, er, Wednesday

We went to Perth for a week to visit the in-laws, so it was exciting to come home and see how BIG everything had gotten. And how many caterpillars had infested the brassica bed (hint: LOTS). Our garden path is now coated with the green smears of ex-caterpillars.

The peas are starting to make peas, and the carrots are starting to thicken. All the garlic is up, and the lime tree is covered in blossom. The garden is growing!

Last night I harvested chioggia beetroot, celery, radishes, lettuce, and parsley to go in a salad, as well as a few sticks of rhubarb which we had stewed with ice-cream for dessert.

photo 2-12

photo 3-9


It’s perfect autumn gardening weather – lots of nice heavy rain followed by hours of glorious sunshine. I haven’t filled up the wicking beds for four weeks, but after testing today the reservoirs are full.

photo 2-10

We’re harvesting lettuce, spring onions, radishes, coriander, parsley and silverbeet by the armful. We eat so many more veggies already, just having the convenience of greens out the back door.

photo 1-10

The garlic has all sprouted, and the broad beans have just started to flower. It’s a bit hard to tell how effective the mini worm farms are at this stage, but the worms are looking fat and healthy and they’re munching through all our kitchen scraps, so I’m taking that as a good sign!

photo 3-7