Harvest Monday: winter garden

Despite the cold and wet, the garden is doing pretty well. The wicking beds are perfect – I haven’t topped them up since March, as the rain has been more than enough to keep the reservoirs full. And the mini worm farms seem to be working as well – they are full of happy-looking red wrigglers.

I’m harvesting carrots, broccoli, radish, beetroot, swiss chard, lettuce, rocket, kale, celery, peas, rhubarb and herbs, which is more than enough for our meals! We’re hardly buying any veggies anymore, which is great. Cabbage, brussels sprouts, lemons and strawberries are all well on their way.

photo 5

The broccoli has had a hard time – it all bolted before forming proper heads – I think because we had such a mild autumn. It’s also been terrorised by cabbage moth, which I am valiantly attempting to deal with by hand. Lesson learnt – next year I’ll net the brassica bed until winter. I made an excellent pesto with bolting broccoli, walnuts, garlic, olive oil, rocket and parmesan. We are also using the flowers as garnish in everything – salad, pizza, risotto, stir fry. They are very tasty.

photo 3


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