Seeds, seeds, seeds

Things with the studio are speeding along nicely! I really am hopeful that the garden beds will be in by Cup Day, ready for my seedlings to be transplanted.

Speaking of seedlings…


I am utterly obsessed with watching them. I mist them gently. I try to make sure they get enough air and warmth and moisture. I watch, and wait, for that little green sprout to pop up, and then for those new leaves. Currently I’ve had success with everything except a couple of varieties of capsicum. Maybe it’s still too cold. I should probably prick out the weaker seedlings. But if I could separate them I could have MOAR TOMATOES.


Impending Spring

photo 1

Spring is coming to the garden. The magnolia tree is looking glorious, and the camellia has started to put out flowers. There are bulbs popping up all over the place, and I saw the first signs of life on the bare-rooted roses and the dormant pomegranate, and the tiniest speck of a bud on the Denise blueberry. It’s not just a stick after all!

I’m harvesting plenty of lettuce, rocket, silverbeet and herbs, as well as our first Tahitian lime. Keep forgetting to take photos, though.

I also planted my first seeds for summer on the weekend – tomato, eggplant and capsicum. If the veggie beds aren’t in on time, I’ll just grow them in pots. I’ve never grown eggplant or capsicum before, so here’s hoping I don’t screw it up. I’m using one of those little plastic greenhouses, but with toilet rolls so I don’t have to fish out the seedlings once they’re ready to be planted – I can either plant them roll and all, or peel the roll off.

photo 2