Harvest, er, Wednesday

We went to Perth for a week to visit the in-laws, so it was exciting to come home and see how BIG everything had gotten. And how many caterpillars had infested the brassica bed (hint: LOTS). Our garden path is now coated with the green smears of ex-caterpillars.

The peas are starting to make peas, and the carrots are starting to thicken. All the garlic is up, and the lime tree is covered in blossom. The garden is growing!

Last night I harvested chioggia beetroot, celery, radishes, lettuce, and parsley to go in a salad, as well as a few sticks of rhubarb which we had stewed with ice-cream for dessert.

photo 2-12

photo 3-9


Harvest Monday: Experimental Potatoes

Back in July, I found two wrinkly, sprouting potatoes at the back of our cupboard, leftover from a Ceres veggie box. Despite it being totally the wrong time of year to plant potatoes, I stuck them in a pot, covered them with soil, straw and manure, and then left them alone. They popped up very quickly, and were perfectly happy until most of them were destroyed by hail and wind. But a few bits of greenery survived, so I continued to leave them alone, until today.


Eight big ones, eight medium ones, and 14 babby ones. We shall feast on potato salad tonight!

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Harvest Monday: GARLIC

photo 2-2

Here it all is! I have learnt some good lessons for next time. I planted all the cloves I had, instead of just the fat ones. This led to lots of small heads of garlic. Next time I shall plant in raised beds where the soil is more fluffy, and only the fattest cloves.

photo 1-2

The Purple Monaro was by far the most productive. But all in all, a pretty good first garlic effort, I think! I’m going to cure and plait the nice fat heads, and peel and freeze the rest.

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Harvest Monday 2 Sep 2013

This is my first Harvest Monday post!


The neverending silverbeet just keeps going – it’s been producing steadily for over a year now. Volunteer rocket has just sprung up all over the garden and almost as quickly gone to seed. A couple of kaffir limes for a green curry, and some good fiery chilies. Bay leaves for lamb shanks and handfuls of rosemary, mint and parsley. Not bad given our veggie garden isn’t even built yet.

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